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Unfortunately bad design is everywhere, and the best part about this problem is that you actually have control over this issue and can do something about it. Yes, I know that hiring a designer to revamp or start up your business with good design is an investment in itself, but this article will talk about why that investment is very necessary towards your business success and goals.

Creative individuals always say, good design is good business, and this is all so true. Attracting customers is like a job interview, and when you go to a job interview you very much understand that first impression is almost always everything. This can be anything from the way you are dressed, your personality, how you present yourself and more. With that said, business impression and how the business presents itself is very much the same way.

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1) Good design establishes good brand identity

As stated above, impression is everything, and the front line of design is not an exception. The design and brand of your business is one of the first impressions a customer will see when they find your business anywhere. A good business identity will communicate expertise, and will become different from your competitors. You may have the next great idea or trying to start a business no one else has, regardless, without a clear and well designed identity, you won’t grab the attention of your customers. Imagine getting a standard boring business card for a restaurant and getting a well designed business card for another restaurant. If you were forced to go to one over the other, which one would you most likely go to? As stated on the excerpt, bad design is everywhere, and although it may attract customers, good design will attract more. A well designed identity and brand will always communicate to your customers.

2) Good design will help you stand out

A well established design will not only help your business look good and legitimate, it will help you stand out from other businesses that do the same thing. The example above with the restaurant business card implies here too, when if two restaurants are serving the same type of cuisine, wouldn’t you rather go to the restaurant that holds a unique looking business card with lots of concept and thought put into it?

The truth with good design is, even if your customer does not understand design like professional designers do, it will leave a psychological impression that will help them appreciate the good looking nature of the business. Let’s face it, we are visual people and when we see something we like, we stop and take a longer look at it instead of just walking by it.

3) Good design organizes your business hierarchy

Weather you are a business that serves only one type of service or an online store that sells multiple products, any good business needs a standard practice of organizational hierarchy. Your customers are not experts when it comes to what you are offering as a service or a product you are selling and we need to make it easier for them. Good design deconstructs the confusion and makes it simpler to understand. Remember that although design is a visual practice, it is an attempt to clear the confusion and make it easier to understand. Good design will establish clear organization without anyone having to read text. Good design is the visual execution of clearing out any confusion the audience may run into.

4) Good design improves psychological persuasion

Any advertising or commercials you watch on television is simply the art of manipulation and psychological persuasion. You may not think advertising or commercials may persuade you to buy something, but it still makes you think and consider it subliminally no matter how much self-control you have. Now I am not trying to make it seem like design is a manipulative practice, but in reality, all of us are always trying to persuade our customers into doing business with us. And with that said, good design is all about giving you a fair advantage over your competition. If your competition has good design, you most likely need it too.

Like all the above things I have mentioned, good design helps you look legitimate, professional and well established.

Did you know that color plays a big role in psychology? With that idea in mind, good design will consider good use of color and how it used to win the trust of your customers. It will also help your customers feel assurance and comfort with your service or product.

5) Good design is your own portfolio!

A good portfolio is our kind of advertising and selling point. When you interview an interior designer, what is one of the first things you ask for? Their past work right? When you see a portfolio if an interior designer and see nothing but horrid designs, would you hire them? Good design for your business works the very same way. Having a good design not only makes you look professional and well-organized, it also speaks much louder than any words you can say. Everyone would rather walk into your store with a well established decor, brand, and pleasing visual aesthetics.

Good solid design becomes another asset that you have for your business. Not only are you trying to sell the next good product or service, but having good design helps you back up your business plan.

6) Good design is advertising in itself

Remember that there is a lot of psychology involved in design. It not only leaves an impression to your customers but it serves as a sub-direct advertising campaign. The design itself may not be posted onto newspapers and magazines, but when you have a business that cannot afford to advertise on expensive ad space, your only best asset becomes the design that you carry with yourself.

7) Treat design like you treat your clothes

When you are the first person your customer approaches, wouldn’t you want to be well dressed? Well design is simply the same thing. Good design for your business will be like your business attire. Although the design itself may not completely equal suit and formal attire, a well designed collateral for your business is something you will be proud to carry around with you everywhere. Remember that dressing up your business with appropriate clothing for that industry is key to helping your customers walk in for business.

There are plenty of things to be mentioned about good design versus bad, but I wanted to cover the general basics and understanding of why design is important in any business. Remember that good design is an investment and designers like myself can help you establish such creative goals with our expertise.

My name is Chris Takakura, I am an art director and visual designer servicing businesses and studios around the world. I specialize in print design, brand/identity, with a strong concentration in web design & front-end development. I am always looking to connect and be involved in creative projects, so if you are interested in my creative services, please contact me here.

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