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strings and attractors by chris takakura

Project: Strings and Attractors

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“Strings and Attractors” is a work done in February to March of 2014 that started off as my flagship “recycle old work” type of project called “The Genesis Project”. While I started the work off by re-creating something that was meant to be a improvement of my old work titled “Break in the Sphere”, it became a whole new entity of it’s own. During my reincarnation of The Genesis Project, I figured this was going to happen. The work features photography, Photoshop and heavy use of Cinema 4D.

While Cinema 4D blended art is fun to do, I cannot say I am a complete expert. As a matter of fact, I have a love and hate relationship with Cinema 4D because although I know the software enough to get around doing many things, I am not comfortable with it as I am with Photoshop. Regardless, I like to implement and merge the two software together using various techniques, lighting and shadows.

Here are some screen captures of my experimentation using Cinema 4D. Lots of abstraction, lots of particle deployment, and few experiments with light. Not everything you see was utilized for the final piece but rather bits and pieces of it through alpha channel cut outs and layer blending.

cinema 4d abstract by chris takakura

cinema 4d abstract by chris takakura

cinema 4d abstract by chris takakura

After a few experiments and creating assets for my next internal project, I went ahead and started working in Photoshop. Almost 99.999% of my abstract works ends in Photoshop, with rare occasions in Adobe Illustrator. I never finish my product in Cinema 4D, as it is strictly a object creation program for me.

The end result became quite colorful, bright, and definitely high definition.

strings and attractors chris takakura

My name is Chris Takakura, I am an art director and visual designer servicing businesses and studios around the world. I specialize in print design, brand/identity, with a strong concentration in web design & front-end development. I am always looking to connect and be involved in creative projects, so if you are interested in my creative services, please contact me here.

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