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This is a quick article on how to split your Wordpress posts to multiple pages. This is a good practice to reduce bounce rate on your Wordpress posts and helps keep your article from scrolling too long down the page. Splitting your post into multiple pages is always a good idea so please read this article if you are looking for a good solution without using a plugin. Please note that this article only covers what code to implement in which section and does not explain the code and how it works.

Difficulty: Advanced

In order to split your WordPress post into multiple pages, you are going to need to edit your functions.php file and your single.php file. So let’s dive right in and edit your functions.php file of your WordPress file. This code will create a pagination style navigation to your long blog posts.

The code you need to add to your functions.php file is the following:

Make sure that you add it within the < ?php } ?> bracket.
Now we are going to add a long strip of code below in your single.php file. It is important and a requirement to add this within your loop.

Now we are going to implement the CSS that goes along with your page navigation. Place the CSS code below in your style.css file or any other stylesheet file.

After you have initially pasted all that code, use the < .!--nextpage--> (please remove the period in the beginning) syntax on your WordPress post to choose where you want to split up your article. The best practice is to split up your WordPress post after 4 to 5 paragraphs. I hope that I helped out on how to split up your WordPress post into multiple pages. If you have a good addition to the code above, let me know in the comments.

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