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deliverance v3: vaporthought by chris takakura

Project: Deliverance 3: Vaporthought

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Deliverance, a psychological warfare piece first done on 2002, is sentimental at best. The word classic can be used to energize the thoughts of my past, yet, for some reason it always becomes a difficult subject matter to design about. As long as we live, we experience sadness, anger, sorrow and remorse. We all have different ways to cope with it as we go on, while artistic expression and creating psychological abstracts has always been my strong suit. Anger and revenge exists on the canvas while some may deploy it upon others. As a person who hates inflicting emotional or physical pain to others, this was my perfect choice.

deliverance: chris takakura wumpscut

This was the first original Deliverance digital artwork done in 2002. It isn’t necessarily something I would do as an execution anymore. It became a digital mess at best, abstract formality using photography at it’s finest, and typographic experimentation which I needed that year.

deliverance v2: afterthought by chris takakura

I attached a unique title called “Afterthought” for the version 2 of the Deliverance series. 4 years later, I decided to resurrect what was yet another digital mess at best, abstract formality using repetition of one photography from the Getty Center I took during my time as a student at Art Center. Typographic experimentation was minimal, yet I think it came out pretty descent for the design skill I had at the time. Delivering messages and communication tactics using design against others is not the most mentally healthy thing to do, but the term “Afterthought” was essentially a period of when a person finds himself in a better spot.

chris takakura abstract arts

chris takakura deliverance 3 vaporthought

deliverance 3 vaporthought chris takakakura

chris takakura abstract design

Deliverance 3: Vaporthought, came into fruition nearly 9 years after “Afterthought” and 13 years after the first version. As much time is a substance that is not visible to the human eye, it sure knows how to fly on it’s own. Click to download for your various devices if you wish.

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