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DSM IV: Dolorem

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“Dolorem”, an abstract digital design book representing the awareness of anxiety and depression is out now. This 4th book within my personal release, is called the “DSM” (dream synthesis manual), which are collection of digital books that attributes to psychology in one way or another.

Based on how it is used, “Dolorem” is a Latin word that translates to pain or sorrow. It has been over 5 years since my last digital book, titled “Hana” was released and I am excited to have finally finished this 4th endeavor. The world of editorial graphics is very challenging, while design is an imperative part of the project, so is the content. Dolorem is a communication of having awareness to the mental issues of depression and anxiety. We sit and let the disease run rampart, while society attaches a stigma on anyone suffering from the problem with words such as “weak”, “lazy”, and labels us as people who are just making excuses.

While being aware is one key issue into spreading awareness and having more state sponsored programs to support and help treat people with the disease, understanding one’s story on how they cope or deal with the problem is a whole another topic and challenge of it’s own. While this book does not aim to cure or help anyone with the problem, it is more of a communication language that hopefully helps one understand that they are not alone. By large percentages, anxiety and depression is a domino effect from other mental illnesses such as Anorexia, Bulimia, OCD, PTSD and more. With a little help of guide books such as this, and other valuable resource channels such as therapy and medication, the future can be built on a different outlook against these illnesses that claim the lives millions of people each year.

Warning: Contains strong language
Download the complete book here (56MB High Quality PDF)

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