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Latest digital design book titled “Dolorem” is a book about depression awareness and my personal experience with the disease. My last digital book, “Hana”, was released on November of 2010, and I am ready to make a whole new kind of noise with typography and photographic abstracts.


It rapidly approached over 5 years since my last “e-book” release, and to think that half a decade has passed since I have done any type of expressive typography is a bit worrisome. “Dolorem” has been a long time coming regardless, as I have planned, managed and started the next concept and design of the book in 2012. Like with any projects, Dolorem took the back burner due to commercial projects and other personal things that got in the way of life.

The first concept of the book was very different from what it is today, as it was more of a personal experience rather than an awareness book that aimed to communicate the existence of depression, and to eliminate the stigma that is associated to it till this day. Just like with many things in life, depression is followed with a heavy stigma that it is simply a “weak” person’s disease. Some consider it to be an excuse, some consider it to be a myth. I am not really here to write about the myths and controversy surrounding the idea that psychology is a false practice of some kind, but the book contains random facts and my personal story behind the struggle.

After the concept was pretty much nailed down, the design came into play. The design has changed several times, and became what it is today with huge influence on typographic abstracts and experimental design. The past 3 years has been interesting to say the least, as I have dived into the world of editorial design that helped me understand the art of sequence and graphic design that attributes to it. I look forward to one day uploading those editorial work on this site, but till then, I am excited to release “Dolorem” on this website on February 11th of 2016.

My name is Chris Takakura, I am an art director and visual designer servicing businesses and studios around the world. I specialize in print design, brand/identity, with a strong concentration in web design & front-end development. I am always looking to connect and be involved in creative projects, so if you are interested in my creative services, please contact me here.

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