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Creative typography is not a easy task. As designers, we must consider so many things within the realm of typography on top of color, graphical elements to add and sometimes the use of type with photography. Any professional designer would tell you that typography in itself is all about practice, and with time and experience, typography alone can distinguish you as a great designer. This article is a comprehensive guide to one of the most amazing exercise that I had to do during my undergraduate studies as a graphic designer.

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This article is a simple tutorial for beginners of CSS on how to style hyperlinks outside of the usual “a” class element. The most simplest CSS on stylizing hyperlinks are the simple “a:hover, a:active, a:visited” CSS calls, however there are ways to style hyperlinks in ways that makes hyperlinks look more like a button, or with a border, and more. This article covers how to initiate what I call a “a id” or “a class”.

web programming chris takakura

This article covers how to register new widget box with your own custom labeled widget box in the Wordpress admin area. Most of the time, the code to register sidebar area in Wordpress only enables numbered boxes that say “Sidebar 1, Sidebar 2, Sidebar 3, etc…” This can get quite confusing if you have many widget enabled area’s on your site such as your header, content sidebar, footer, and more. This article’s goal is to ease the confusion a little bit in your Wordpress widget admin area. This article also slightly covers how to apply custom CSS ID’s and Classes that wrap your widget area.

web programming chris takakura

This is a quick article on how to split your Wordpress posts to multiple pages. This is a good practice to reduce bounce rate on your Wordpress posts and helps keep your article from scrolling too long down the page. Splitting your post into multiple pages is always a good idea so please read this article if you are looking for a good solution without using a plugin. Please note that this article only covers what code to implement in which section and does not explain the code and how it works.

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Beginners guide to WordPress

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This article covers basic overview of Wordpress and how to manage posts and pages using the powerful publishing system that the web software provides. When I set up a Wordpress website, a lot of my clients need a simple walk-through of how to update their blog or news pages, and other exterior pages that may come with the set up. Wordpress is a web based software that is very simple to use once you get used to it, but also has advanced features that can edit deep parts of the website. This article will cover settings that you should not touch if you are a beginner and introduction to plugins and widgets.

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