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DSM I - Infinite Sythesis: Dawn

DSM I: Infinite Synthesis: Dawn

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This is a little flash back project post from 2006. Back in 2006, I developed my 1st digital abstract book containing numerous photographs I have taken myself as well as some of my attempts for typographic experimentation. The typography and photography relationship started to take form, and I still vividly remember how much I enjoyed expressing my psychological thoughts in those days.


DSM IV: Dolorem

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“Dolorem”, an abstract digital design book representing the awareness of anxiety and depression is out now. This 4th book within my personal release, is called the “DSM” (dream synthesis manual), which are collection of digital books that attributes to psychology in one way or another.

dolorem by chris takakura

Latest digital design book titled “Dolorem” is a book about depression awareness and my personal experience with the disease. My last digital book, “Hana”, was released on November of 2010, and I am ready to make a whole new kind of noise with typography and photographic abstracts.

miscarriage art by chris takakura

It was a quiet sunny morning on July, a Saturday that was supposed to be filled with bliss and excitement, a Saturday that was supposed to be the day where I get to actually see the heartbeat of my unborn baby. My fiancée and I were more than just ready, we were looking forward to this day to be the revealing moment that we created another life together out of love and dedication. Unfortunately that day was far from what we expected…

deliverance v3: vaporthought by chris takakura

Project: Deliverance 3: Vaporthought

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Deliverance, a psychological warfare piece first done on 2002, is sentimental at best. The word classic can be used to energize the thoughts of my past, yet, for some reason it always becomes a difficult subject matter to design about. As long as we live, we experience sadness, anger, sorrow and remorse. We all have different ways to cope with it as we go on, while artistic expression and creating psychological abstracts has always been my strong suit. Anger and revenge exists on the canvas while some may deploy it upon others. As a person who hates inflicting emotional or physical pain to others, this was my perfect choice.

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