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Beauty in decay

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It’s always the most unexpected places where you find beauty and the urge to snap that picture arises. One day I took a short trip up to Big Bear, California, where I found a field of dying flowers and branches that lead me to take out my smartphone and take a picture. Excuse the dirty effects I used on some of them to apply a macro shot effect. Those hardly ever look legitimate. I am still happy with how it turned out.

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It was a quiet sunny morning on July, a Saturday that was supposed to be filled with bliss and excitement, a Saturday that was supposed to be the day where I get to actually see the heartbeat of my unborn baby. My fiancée and I were more than just ready, we were looking forward to this day to be the revealing moment that we created another life together out of love and dedication. Unfortunately that day was far from what we expected…

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Designers and writers share one common problem when it comes to the art of creation or story telling; we both sometimes suffer from a phase called the “writers block” or a “burn out”, where we lose the creative energy or the drive that requires us to do what we love. A person who goes through a writers block or a burn out is a debilitating time frame, where we just completely do not have the motivation or the mental capacity for us to move forward with a particular project. This article covers how to recover from such period, and what we can learn from it.

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David Carson and The Fragile

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David Carson is an American graphic designer who is relatively famous in the graphic design industry for his work on Ray Gun magazine and for Quicksilver’s ad campaign. Although his work is featured all across the globe, a lot of music lovers would know that he was involved with the actual branding of the industrial rock band Nine Inch Nails and their 1999 album titled “The Fragile.”

strings and attractors by chris takakura

Project: Strings and Attractors

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“Strings and Attractors” is a work done in February to March of 2014 that started off as my flagship “recycle old work” type of project called “The Genesis Project”. While I started the work off by re-creating something that was meant to be a improvement of my old work titled “Break in the Sphere”, it became a whole new entity of it’s own. During my reincarnation of The Genesis Project, I figured this was going to happen. The work features photography, Photoshop and heavy use of Cinema 4D.

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