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Beginners guide to WordPress

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This article covers basic overview of Wordpress and how to manage posts and pages using the powerful publishing system that the web software provides. When I set up a Wordpress website, a lot of my clients need a simple walk-through of how to update their blog or news pages, and other exterior pages that may come with the set up. Wordpress is a web based software that is very simple to use once you get used to it, but also has advanced features that can edit deep parts of the website. This article will cover settings that you should not touch if you are a beginner and introduction to plugins and widgets.

Logging in to WordPress

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Accessing the WordPress administrative controls is just like any other web application program that requires you to log-in with a user name and password. The log-in and password of the WordPress controls should be sent to you by someone who is in charge of designing and developing your website through WordPress. If you set up WordPress on your own, this should be self-explanatory.

WordPress login address is always /wp-admin/ after your domain name extension. So most of the time it is usually Please note that if your Worpdress is installed in a different directory, such as “blog”, it will be the whole address followed by a /wp-admin/. For instance, if your WordPress website is sitting in a directory called “news”, it will be Of course if someone set your WordPress site up, all it takes is to ask them where the log-in URL is.


It is important to set up a good user name and a password just like any other private information you access. WordPress comes with a default login username called “admin” but it is imperative that you create a username that is not the default and unique to your own.

The WordPress Dashboard

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After you log in, you will see the WordPress dashboard by default. This is the central area where you can see statistics of your site, comments people have left for you (if enabled or featured), and other information such as syndicated feed from WordPress, other websites. Depending on which plugins you installed (which we will go over later) it may list information from those plugins in the dashboard.

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Let’s jump straight to the point in regards to how to update your blog, and other pages of your site. Please take notice to the highlighted section of the links located on WordPress. All the features of WordPress and navigation is featured on the left side of the admin page. There is also a horizontal navigation on the top of the admin page, however this is not important at this point.

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