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Creative typography is not a easy task. As designers, we must consider so many things within the realm of typography on top of color, graphical elements to add and sometimes the use of type with photography. Any professional designer would tell you that typography in itself is all about practice, and with time and experience, typography alone can distinguish you as a great designer. This article is a comprehensive guide to one of the most amazing exercise that I had to do during my undergraduate studies as a graphic designer.

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As a graphic designer, I understand that choosing a graphic designer is no easy task. Let’s face it, there are plethora of graphic designers out there today and although it may seem like we all do the same thing, it is important to understand that this is far from the truth. This article will show you some of the considerations you should make before hiring one for your business or creative projects.

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Unfortunately bad design is everywhere, and the best part about this problem is that you actually have control over this issue and can do something about it. Yes, I know that hiring a designer to revamp or start up your business with good design is an investment in itself, but this article will talk about why that investment is very necessary towards your business success and goals.

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David Carson and The Fragile

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David Carson is an American graphic designer who is relatively famous in the graphic design industry for his work on Ray Gun magazine and for Quicksilver’s ad campaign. Although his work is featured all across the globe, a lot of music lovers would know that he was involved with the actual branding of the industrial rock band Nine Inch Nails and their 1999 album titled “The Fragile.”

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Project: Strings and Attractors

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“Strings and Attractors” is a work done in February to March of 2014 that started off as my flagship “recycle old work” type of project called “The Genesis Project”. While I started the work off by re-creating something that was meant to be a improvement of my old work titled “Break in the Sphere”, it became a whole new entity of it’s own. During my reincarnation of The Genesis Project, I figured this was going to happen. The work features photography, Photoshop and heavy use of Cinema 4D.

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