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deliverance v3: vaporthought by chris takakura

Project: Deliverance 3: Vaporthought

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Deliverance, a psychological warfare piece first done on 2002, is sentimental at best. The word classic can be used to energize the thoughts of my past, yet, for some reason it always becomes a difficult subject matter to design about. As long as we live, we experience sadness, anger, sorrow and remorse. We all have different ways to cope with it as we go on, while artistic expression and creating psychological abstracts has always been my strong suit. Anger and revenge exists on the canvas while some may deploy it upon others. As a person who hates inflicting emotional or physical pain to others, this was my perfect choice.

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Designers and writers share one common problem when it comes to the art of creation or story telling; we both sometimes suffer from a phase called the “writers block” or a “burn out”, where we lose the creative energy or the drive that requires us to do what we love. A person who goes through a writers block or a burn out is a debilitating time frame, where we just completely do not have the motivation or the mental capacity for us to move forward with a particular project. This article covers how to recover from such period, and what we can learn from it.

the day I thought I was dying: chris takakura

“The Void of Photography” is a photography collection I have put together throughout the years from 2003 to 2013. The approach to the photographic canvas was to focus on minimal objects or scenery as possible and to capture the sense of void and emptiness through it all. Each piece has a significant meaning behind it, which I expressed in the past through the use of poetry. I welcome anyone to download the art piece to use for their desktop wallpaper or their mobile devices to their liking.

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I get a few e-mails every so often asking for advice in regards to how I price my projects and what I consider and include in a proposed quote for a certain project. This guide aims to explain some of the considerations I include when coming up with a quote for my customers. Please note that this article is a general broad guide to coming up with a pricing plan, so customization to fit your specialty is highly recommended.

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In 2013, Adobe shifted it’s software delivery method by forcing users wanting to use the newest version of it’s Adobe catalog to pay a monthly fee on their cloud servers. Although everyone thought Adobe was forcing people to use software with a constant internet connection, this is not true. You can use the software without being online, and you don’t have to always be online to open the program. But for someone who thinks of the future like me, there is a problem that is not being addressed to this day…

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