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Wordpress doesn’t come with settings to input standard SEO tactics such as meta keywords and meta descriptions. For the longest time I have wondered as to why this was the case, but fortunately, there are many plugins that can help you input standard SEO tactics. I have been a long user of a plugin called “All in One SEO”, and it has served me pretty well with my own websites as well as client websites. This article covers how to use All in One SEO to the fullest in the “Add New Posts” section of Wordpress. This article does not cover how to configure the plugin settings.

When you are constructing a new post within WordPress, there are many settings that you have to configure before you post. Well unfortunately this plugin adds more settings to configure but it is one of the most important thing you can do for yourself by filling out SEO settings using this plugin.

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A WordPress website with All in One SEO plugin installed will enable new settings within your WordPress posts. Outside of the usual Publish, Categories, and Tags settings, there is a section titled All in One SEO Pack. This is where you input your standard SEO settings for your posts.

wordpress all in one seo chris takakura

Preview snippet and title

all in one seo wordpress chris takakura

The preview snippet is not much of a section you fill out but a helpful guide in regards to how your post might show up on search engines. The title section of the plugin allows you to change the title of the page within that post only. Please note that there is a difference between the title of the page and the title of the article. This does not change the title of the article so there is no cause for alarm.

Should I use the blog/article title as my page title?

From my experience, there is nothing wrong with using the article title as a page title, but it just gives you an option to have a different page title that is not the same as the article title. This can be beneficial based on certain instances but there is nothing wrong with using the article title as your page title.


all in one seo wordpress chris takakura

The description area of the plugin is used to fill out the description of what your post is about. This will also show up in search engines so it is important to write a description that best describes what the post is about. Pay attention to the area that gives you the word count. It gives you a tip of how much character count that you have used. In the description area, it says that most search engines uses a maximum of 160 characters so it would be a good idea to keep within that range.

Keywords & Robots No_____

wordpress all in one seo plugin chris takakura

The keywords section of the plugin allows you to input keywords related to the article. There are many debates surrounding keywords as people say that keywords do not matter much to SEO, however, it really does not hurt to put keywords into the pages with the possibility of your article coming up on search engines. Remember that your article coming up on search engines can lead you to more customers!

The Robots No______ section is your option to prevent search engines from indexing your posts on search engines. You might wonder why anyone would want to do this but there are many reasons as to why, such as privacy, security, non-disclosure information, and more. If you ever have instances where you do not want your article to be indexed by search engines, you have the option of doing so. You also have the option to disable this on Google Analytics.

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